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Heritage Willow
5.5" Fruit / Cereal Bowl

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The Heritage Willow 5.5" Fruit / Cereal Bowl is perfect for a tossed fruit salad, delicious grapefruit, or healthy portion of cereal.


The Willow Pattern has been popular since the late 18th century, appearing on dishes and other ceramics in the traditional cobalt blue as well as pink, brown, and other colors. Today we are able to offer the Heritage Willow collection, a striking multi-colored Willow Pattern. In the Heritage Willow design, the traditional bridge with three figures, the carefully fenced house, the boat, the trees (including the Willow itself), the island, and the two escaping birds are rendered in tones of green, brown, rose, and yellow. 

Product Details:

  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 5.5 round x 2.5
  • Materials:


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe for warming to 350 °F
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  • Heritage Willow Dinnerware

    Heritage Willow dinnerware from Heritage Mint is a favorite multi-colored depiction of the famous Willow china pattern. Colored Willow china has always been popular but multicolored Willow china is a must for the true collector.

    Willow dinnerware has been a favorite of collectors since Thomas Turner's china design in 1780. The classic love story is depicted on each piece of this fine colored Willow china. The multicolored Willow, in vibrant autumn colors, highlights every detail of the doomed lovers' flight. Finely crafted Heritage Willow dinnerware is available along with gorgeous serving pieces from Heritage Mint.